I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. But I’ve put it off because it’s depressing. What I’m talking about is going through the links and finding out what photo columns are still there and which ones have disappeared.

It’s really sad to see some of these simply disappear off the web. So here’s the list of links I’ve pulled down.

One Moment,
Picture This, The Record

These last two really hurt.
Sense of Community, by Steve Jessmore. The main blog where these wonderful photo columns where archived has disappeared. There have been a few posted on the current photoblog on the Flint Journal’s site.

Witness, by Brian Peterson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It’s been down awhile. Luckily, thanks to www.archive.or we can still see some of it. And as a bonus you can see Brian’s other influential column Voices For the Land the same way.

I guess the lesson learned here is that we should not rely on newspaper’s web sites to be a permanent archive of our work. I hope those doing photo columns are keeping their work organized and archived for the future.

Excuse us…

I’m making vast changes. Things obviously look different but some things are also missing. I’ll be fixing them as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Check out the right rail of links. I’ve updated a few, added some I’ve talked about previously and added a new one which I will blog about soon.


The Albuquerque Tribune has changed the Web site location and look for their “Viewfinder” photo column.

I was wondering why the other site hadn’t been updated and I’m glad the column is not dead. Although the new site fits in with the redesign of the Tribune’s home page, I prefer the old site. It had a better photo presence and highlighted the most current column. The current design seems to be a catalog of columns. When you click on an individual column the image plays small and you have to click it to make it larger, which takes it out of the context of the column as a whole.

Heart and Soul

After a summer hiatus Scott Strazzante’s “Heart and Soul” photo column is back in the pages of The Chicago Tribune and on the web.

Scott reports that during the summer the Tribune doesn’t publish a prep sports section and so his column, which focuses on prep sports, isn’t published either.

“I would rather not take the break,” Scott said in an e-mail. “The summer would offer a wide range of material that would be quite different from the rest of the year but I understand the paper’s point of view.”

Last year Scott was working ahead on his column and actually started with five or six columns already in the bag. This year he’s working closer to deadline.

“I actually don’t think that is bad, because they seem more timely to me. Right now, I’m writing the column that was shot two days ago and will run the day after tomorrow. It’s on a volleyball player whose father is serving in Iraq and what it was like for her to play on September 11th. I don’t think that column would have as much impact on October 20th as it will on September 15th.”

Scott credits much of the success of his photo column to photo editor John Konstantaras and prep sports editor Chris Kuc.

If he does the column again next year Scott says he is looking to change it up a bit.

“Maybe do a weekly column on one specific team during the Fall, another in Winter and one in the Spring.”

And what about adding a multimedia? It a possibility he says.