Photo Column Theme Idea

After a few unfortunate events set me back at work I missed the story I was planning on doing for my column. And now I was under the gun to find a new idea with less than a day to do it. So I was out and about looking around for a photo for our Our Town photo column and was thinking about different column ideas a newspaper could do.

One idea I liked I called Hour Town, a play off of the current column the Tribune does. With Hour Town a photographer would toss a dart at the map of the town and then go to that spot. Once there he or she would have 60 minutes to make a photo. If you are nice you could give them a block or two radius to work on. Or, tell them they can’t move from that spot. The rest is left up to the interpretation and creativity of the photographer.

I liked this idea for a few reasons. One it’s happenstance where the photographer is sent so the likelihood of being put in a place unfamiliar to them is high. Secondly I like that restrictions of time and place which can really drive the creative juices. Third it trades one type of stress, looking for a good idea and procrastinating about it, with another kind of stress, one that perhaps we’re not as much use to.

If you give it a try, let me know.

Ant Farm: Glimpses of Daily Life in Minnesota

St. Paul Pioneer Press staff photographer Ben Garvin has visited many corners of the Midwest, both on assignment and out of natural curiosity, and this collection of documentary photographs paints a vivid and revealing portrait of the region.

His lens has captured a quiet moment between two retired farmers discussing the wisdom of selling off the cows, a young boy who can explain why his plastic light sword makes such a wonderful tool for the imagination, widows sharing  thoughts about living alone during a friendly game of cards, and the style considerations facing a young man as he prepares for a Goth prom. The honest charm of the voices melds wonderfully with the subtle virtues of Garvin’s photographic eye to create an indelible mosaic of life in the heart of America’s breadbasket. (Quoted from Press Release) Ant Farm: Glimpses of Daily Life in Minnesota 9781932472844: Ben Garvin: Books.

Common Ground | |

Preston Gannaway has taken over the reigns of “Common Ground.”  Please go check it out! For more on Preston visit her site

Common Ground is a visual commentary on life in our community. Every 12 weeks a new Virginian-Pilot photographer will begin his or her series of photographs based on a topic of their choosing.

The current series, Greetings from Ocean View is a photo column aimed at exploring life in “OV,” a Norfolk neighborhood full of pride yet seemingly always teetering on the edge of change. Photojournalist Preston Gannaway hopes to tell some of the stories that make this community so unique.

Preston Gannaway

Preston Gannaway

via Common Ground | |

Street Scenes

I missed this one, check out the LA Times and their Street Scenes project.

Southern California is a vast land of neighborhoods. Drive Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles, for example, and you’ll encounter industrial blocks, the garment district, Koreatown, West L.A. bungalows and the burgeoning entertainment district at the eastern end of Santa Monica. But most of us don’t spend time driving from neighborhood to neighborhood–so L.A. Times photographers have done it for us, highlighting a variety of neighborhoods, ranging from the Fairfax District to Newport Harbor.

Grab Bag

Once again I feel like I’ve been neglectful. So here’s three quick hits to some things that have been sitting in my bookmarks.

It Beats Working For a Living” is a photo blog by Mike Morones, a staff photographer at The Free Lance-Star. The blog shares the stories behind the pictures and people in the paper.

iBelieve” is a monthly photographic column that explores the faith and spirituality of east Tennessee, seen and told by News Sentinel photojournalist Michael Patrick. This column has an audio component which is nice. A word of warning though, the audio is set to auto play when you load the page.

And lastly I randomly found a photo column from the Las Vegas Sun called “A Moment Captured“. However I can’t find a directory or any other information. Hopefully I can get my friend Tiffany Brown to shed some light.