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Preston Gannaway has taken over the reigns of “Common Ground.”  Please go check it out! For more on Preston visit her site

Common Ground is a visual commentary on life in our community. Every 12 weeks a new Virginian-Pilot photographer will begin his or her series of photographs based on a topic of their choosing.

The current series, Greetings from Ocean View is a photo column aimed at exploring life in “OV,” a Norfolk neighborhood full of pride yet seemingly always teetering on the edge of change. Photojournalist Preston Gannaway hopes to tell some of the stories that make this community so unique.

Preston Gannaway

Preston Gannaway

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Photograhers vs. the world

In his wrap up of Visa pour l’Image, posted on the PDNPulse blog, Daryl Lang writes a segment he titled “Photographers vs. the world” where he is critical about a direction some photojournalism is being taken. A place where obscurity and peer recognition is deemed more important than the work connecting with a mass audience.

“I worry that he may be leading photographers down a dangerous road, toward a place where photojournalism is isolated as a specialty product, divorced from the popular media. What good is this work if nobody sees it except people who already get the message?”

Lang’s words really struck a cord in me. I think he has a valid point and criticism that not only touches the photographers in the big leagues but also those working their hearts out at small newspapers.

I hope that there continues to be a place in this world where the vision of a photojournalist can coexist with work that is appealing to a mass audience. I think both are important.

It is vision, I believe, that pushes photographers to new places and that a more artistic aesthetic can move a picture past the news of the moment. But if the audience doesn’t get it, then it fails to communicate.

I think this is a topic a lot of photojournalists should really be thinking about.

Common Ground

MediaStorm launched today Scott Strazzante’s Comon Ground project.

On July 2, 2002, Jean and Harlow Cagwin watched as their home — the last remnant of their 118-acre cattle farm in Lockport, Illinois — was torn down clearing the way for a new housing development. Several years later, Ed and Amanda Grabenhofer and their four children moved into the new Willow Walk subdivision, their house just yards from where the Cagwin’s home once stood.

Common Ground introduces us to the lives touched by this land, as photographer Scott Strazzante takes us on a visual journey exploring the differences and similarities of these two families while simultaneously asking us to look at what is common among us all.

Carnival of Photojournalism

Silas Crews has taken the initiative to create Carnival of Photojournalism. It’s sort of like a round up of posts by photojournalists who blog.  He explains it better in his post.

  Carnivals are like an online periodical to which bloggers submit past entries and an organizer collects the links to these submissions, edits, annotates if needed and publishes the resulting round-up on a blog in regular intervals.

Please check it out and if you blog consider lending your talents!

Pictures is back!


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a new photo blog.

Will Sullivan details it out in the first post on the blog.

Welcome to PICTURES!

In May 1938, the first issue of PICTURES, the Post-Dispatch’s Sunday magazine, was published and continued weekly until 1996. Today, the photo staff of the Post-Dispatch brings PICTURES back, in Web form, after its 12 year hiatus. We hope to bring the same tradition of rich visual storytelling to the Web, in still pictures, multimedia and videos — with the spirit that made PICTURES thrive for 58 years.

Looks like they are off to a good start.

POYi Photo Column Winners Gallery


The winners in the POYi 65 Photo Column category have been posted to their Web site.

  • First Place, The Birmingham News
  • Second Place, The Flint Journal
  • Third Place, St. Petersburg Times
  • Award of Excellence, The Columbia Daily Tribune
  • Award of Excellence, The Seattle Times
  • Award of Excellence, St. Petersburg Times
  • Award of Excellence, The Palm Beach Post
  • Award of Excellence, The Birmingham News

Go see the winners!

National Geographic's First Grant Awarded To Eugene Richards

From “National Geographic magazine launched its new Grant for Photography by awarding the first one to photojournalist Eugene Richards for his project on veterans of the war in Iraq. The $50,000 grant is one of the largest awards of its kind, and the magazine says it will be awarded annually.”

I’m assuming this is for the work done by Richards on his “War Is Personal” photo column which I wrote about earlier this year.