Metropolitan Diary


Some times there’s little to look forward to on a Monday morning. But for me the one thing I look forward to is the possibility of a Nicole Bengiveno photo running with the Metro Diary column in the pages of the New York Times. It really can make my day.

What a cool gig to have if you love shooting street photography. It’s also a neat way to add class to a reader driven segment of the newspaper.

Nicole explained a little bit about the column in an e-mail with me. She said that for awhile the editors had been using art illustrations for the diaries. About six months ago they decided to switch to using photography. “They pass on the column’s letters that will be published and I’m inspired by a particular letter, or other times I contribute my own “visual letter,” says Nicole.

She says she works by ditching the car prowling the neighborhoods when the light is in it’s magic hour.

Here’s a list of links to some recent Metropolitan Diary columns that ran with Nicole’s photos.

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