Blind Photographer

I’d never heard of this guy, but I’m inspired now. Michael Richard was legally blind. He was also an amazing photographer.

From a Rangefinder article:

Richard was born with amblyopia, an uncorrectable “lazy” left eye; bad enough in general, but usually the other, “good” eye can compensate. Then, in 2002, he was diagnosed with a rare choroidal melanoma, a tumor in his good, right eye. After surgery, he became legally blind.

Because Richard can’t tell what people are doing and a crowd is just a blur, he concentrates on forms, often quite abstract. “Go with your strengths,” he says with a smile. His typical photo shoot begins with him deciding on a four-block area of the city. He is dropped off there with his camera and stays strictly within the predetermined area because he cannot move too freely alone. This imposes an enforced discipline; he has to find subject matter within the area chosen. No matter what happens or how “empty” the area appears at first, he is unfazed.

Read more about him in his obit “Blind Photographer, Musician Michael Richard, 58

You can see some more work from other blind photographers at, a page for the exhibit “The View From Here: Visual Art by People who are Visually Impaired and Blind”

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